Join the Party!

OMN, London’s biggest independent digital marketing community, is collaborating with Search London, TechHub, RoughAgenda, and various other London-based digital communities for a day and night to remember. We’re hosting the first-ever combined digital and tech industry two-part event: Digital Growth Day and Digital Summer Party.

With over 300 attendees expected for Digital Growth Day at Google Campus and over 800 attendees anticipated for the evening’s Digital Summer Party, the 18th September 2014 will go down as the largest digital and tech gathering London’s ever seen!



The global digital and tech communities are dreaming the future and turning it into reality, and London is one of the leading centres for these creative innovators and technological disrupters.

Our attendees are the passionate and committed decision makers of today and tomorrow – startup entrepreneurs, C-level heads of global organisations, marketing directors, account managers, journalists, bloggers, and all types of specialists including developers, SEOs, social media specialists, app marketers, designers, and many more.

What these individuals share is the excitement of being at the forefront of a seismic shift in our culture. As digital technologies become ever more ingrained in our lives, it is the people with the skills and imagination to dream and create that are shaping our future.

Audience Overview

We’re huge! There’s a combined audience of over 60,000 of London’s most influential digerati between our members and our partner organisations. 


Current audience size based on confirmed host and media partnerships. Numbers and reach increasing as more businesses get involved.



OMN London. The largest digital marketing meetup in Europe.

Search London. London-based search engine marketers - SEO and PPC

TechHub. Seminal community and workspace for tech entrepreneurs


Media Partners

The Digital Summer Party is supported by London’s most respected media outlets, conference holders and information sources for the marketing and creative industries.


Job titles of attendees of OMN's Digital Summer Party 2013


Employers of attendees of OMN's Digital Summer Party 2013


Sponsorship Packages

Creating this unique event needs support from people like you! We’re looking for brands and businesses to help us make the Digital Summer Party a truly great experience. In return, we offer to elevate you and your brand to hero status through positive exposure to both the digital marketing and tech communities of London. Get involved!

We are offering four sponsorship levels: Supporters, Co-Hosts, Headline Sponsor and Platinum Sponsor... Which one are you?

Got another idea? We’ll do our best to accommodate any reasonable suggestions you have for building relationships with London’s digital community.

Please contact omn@tetradical.com for more details and pricing.